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Delta UX was born from the idea that being useful doesn’t need to be complicated. We know you’re great at what you do and we want to make it easier for you. Let us help you grow by building or improving the processes and tools to streamline your business.

noun | del·ta | /ˈdeltə/

  1. the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet ( Δ, δ ), transliterated as ‘d.’
  2. the difference between what your business is and what it could be.

As passionate user experience and design professionals, we are driven to help make the world easier. Our founders have over 15 years of user experience and design experience, graduate degrees in Human Factors from NC State University, a Bachelor's of Science in mathematics, and fluency in mutliple coding languages.


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We've helped a variety of companies and people.

Part of what makes us successful is our flexibility. Sometimes, our customers only want us to help with part of a project. Other times, our customers want us to do the whole thing. We'll help with whatever you need and we'll document it carefully to make handoffs a cinch.

Cash Sheet Management for small businesses.

It all started at City Limits...

The job: A small bar chain needed an easier way to track their income each night.

How we helped:

  • Created a simplified cash sheet system to replace their cumbersome collection of Excel files.
  • Included graphs (as a nice surprise) for them to see their trends over time.
  • Provided custom branding and a darker color pallette to be easier on them when they use the system at the end of a long night.
  • We continue to provide support and improve their experience through various, personalized upgrades.

The result: Good bye Excel! Hello easy to use, fully customized cash sheet experience. They save hours every week by using our system. The surprise graphs allow the managers and owner to better understand their incoming cash to help them make better personnel and business decisions.

See the demo of our fully customizable cash sheet system:

SEO & Website Refresh

K. Connelly Corp asked for help and they got it!

The job: This company had been blacklisted by Google and came to us to improve the SEO of their website.

How we helped:

  • Applied Google's guidelines and improved their search ranking.
  • Cleaned up their code and design while maintaining their pre-existing branding.
  • Provided a cleaner way to browse their inventory that matches their users' expectations.
  • Set up social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Google+, Google Business, OilPro)
  • We continue to provide site maintenance services for them.

The result: No longer blacklisted and have better search rankings than before. Their profits are driven from phone calls and our other improvements have made it easier for their customers to view their inventory and contact them.

Take a look at their new website:

An app design for a mouth retainer doesn't have to be gross.

When Propel Orthodontics came to use with a request for a new app, we knew we had some things to straighten out first.

The job: This company was developing a new product and needed a design for the companion app.

How we helped:

  • Modern cognitive psychology principles were used to organize the app.
  • modern design styles to the finished look and feel.
  • We made sure to review each iteration with the client as part of our design process.

The result: We provided a detailed specification of how the application should behave. In it we included how it should interact with the hardware and the clients.

Still waiting on permission to share the details.


We build and enhance experiences.

Our skills span everything from design to coding and engineering. No matter what you need, we've got you covered.

We build custom software.

Generic software can be difficult to use and it may not even do everything you need. That's where we can help. We build custom software packages, made specifically for you and your situation. Our process ensures the software we develop will meet your needs.

  1. First, we get to know you and anyone else who might be using the software. By actually talking to the people who will be using the software, we're able to create something that makes sense to them.
  2. Next, we dig a little deeper to learn how the software will be used. With a strong understanding of what you want and need from the software, we can make it flexible to fit your situations.
  3. Last, we build the software. We don't start building until we are sure it'll be the right thing for you.

We build (and fix) websites and apps.

For anyone who isn't sure what they need, we're real people and we'll treat you like one, too!

Customers appreciate our consulting services.

Sometimes you need fresh eyes on a problem or an expert opinion. Either way, our diverse backgrounds, education, and use of data make us a valuable asset.

User research is our forté.

Facts and data are at the base of what we do. Staying unbiased and informed are quintessential to our process. We can help you with any part of your research cycle or do the entire study for you.